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Help Relieve Reflux with Mini Beanz!

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Any Parent who has has a child with Reflux would agree that they would try anything to alleviate their childs pain. We as adults are in pain from a little Heart Burn, let alone our little baby with no sense of understanding what is happening to them.

We have tried almost everything for our babies, from baby drops, changing formulas and finally elevating our babies beds. This is what helped the most. Reflux is generally caused by acid in the stomach finding its way back up into the esophagus causing a burning sensation.

During and after feeding was probably the worst. Mini Beanz Bean Bags can help relieve reflux in babies. By placing your baby on a Mini Beanz Bean Bag you are able to position your baby in an upright position by pushing and moving the beans to the back of the bean bag during and/or after feeding. This positions your baby in a slight/moderate incline to prevent the onset of Reflux.

For more information on Reflux, its symptoms and treatments please visit these helpfull links below:





NOTE: This applies for Newborn+ Collection Only.


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